Friday, August 20, 2004

Dog and Butterfly

Last night I ventured to St. Charles to see Heart at the Family Arena. This was my first trip to the Family Arena. I must say I give it a thumbs up as a venue. It was easy to park, ticket prices were modest, sound system was good, seats were comfortable, etc. The crowd left a little to be desired but I suppose I can’t expect too much in St. Charles, right?

When in Rome do as the Romans do…
When in St. Charles at the Family Arena order an $8.00 32 oz Bud Light (a.k.a. really big hoosier martini) and drink it all really fast…so I did. All in all it was a good experience. Heart rocked. For their encore they brought the house down with Led Zeppelin’s “Rock ‘N Roll” and “Misty Mountain Hop.” There wasn’t a single person in the place who wasn’t standing up and screaming.

I’m heading out of the city for the weekend. I need a little R & R.


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