Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday, Monday

Why does it seem like it is Monday more often than any other day of the week? The weather really blew this weekend. My swimming pool days are numbered and I couldn’t take advantage of the time I have left this weekend because of the bad weather.

I caught up on my sleep and my many hours of TV recordings on Tivo that I haven’t been watching. Tivo was feeling very neglected and now he’s clear and ready to record all new shows that I won’t watch. I started preparing for the next bridal shower round which is now less than two weeks away. Everything is ready to go except my wardrobe. I hate buying clothes right now 1. because it is in between seasons and in St. Louis you never know if a September day is going to be 60 degrees or 90 degrees and 2. because I’ve been losing weight for the last few months and even though nearly all my clothes are too big I don’t like buying smaller ones right now because I’m still losing. So not only do I have to spend another Saturday celebrating nuptials that irritate me I also get to be uncomfortable in whatever I choose to wear! In case you hadn’t figured it out, I’m kind of cranky today.

I stumbled across a great internet test today, the Ethical Philosophy Selector, which I highly recommend taking. My results were as follows:

Thomas Hobbes (100%) Click here for info
Cynics (92%) Click here for info
Jean-Paul Sartre (82%) Click here for info
Nietzsche (82%) Click here for info
David Hume (80%) Click here for info
Stoics (80%) Click here for info
Epicureans (69%) Click here for info
John Stuart Mill (66%) Click here for info
Jeremy Bentham (58%) Click here for info
Nel Noddings (58%) Click here for info
Aquinas (57%) Click here for info
Ayn Rand (57%) Click here for info
Kant (52%) Click here for info
Plato (49%) Click here for info
Spinoza (44%) Click here for info
Aristotle (41%) Click here for info
Ockham (28%) Click here for info
St. Augustine (26%) Click here for info
Prescriptivism (19%) Click here for info

I have to say it was right on. I love a good internet test so if you find any other good ones please let me know. I’ll leave you with this final thought “Monday Monday, can't trust that day.”


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