Monday, March 28, 2005

Not So Bad For A Monday

Here’s another one of my many moods rearing its head. I’m actually kind of cheery and it was definitely brought on both by the insane amount of carbohydrates I ingested yesterday at two different Easter related functions and by today’s Spring-Like weather. I got to eat some of those Robin Eggs I like so much yesterday. Why do they always taste better than regular Whoppers? It has to be the brightly colored speckled shell. Did you know it’s customary to give someone a cake shaped like a lamb on Easter? I did not know this. The one I tried had sugary white icing. You have to love the Goyim parties because they have lots of alcohol and sugary treats.

My local readers can agree that Monday’s weather is divine. It’s about time too. Summer shoes and the swimming pool aren’t far off now. I hate it when people dress like its August though on the first warm day in February. I’m not quite that eager. Stay tuned, it’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.