Thursday, April 07, 2005


Originally uploaded by Meshuggenah.
Do you ever go through your music collection and choose something that you never choose to listen to? We all have those CDs that we just can't bare to part with but we never really listen to for whatever reason. Maybe they're sentimental, maybe we just feel like we'll want them one day, or maybe we just like to hoard CDs€ Today I pulled out the original Violent Femmes circa 1983 and just listened to it in its entirety. It's fucking awesome. The range and depth of emotion astounds me. A song can go from entertaining to frantic to heartbreaking in just a few lines. It has a lot of attitude and really holds up. It's worth revisiting. I'm sure you have a copy. If not, I'm sure someone you know does.

Have you revisited anything lately you'd like to share?