Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pay no attention to that [blogger] behind the curtain or computer as the case may be

I have a little blog here that’s still fairly new according to blog standards. I have a few loyal readers and a lot of ultra religious Jews in New York and New Jersey who end up here because they’re intrigued by my cute name and probably don’t stay very long, or so I suspect. You never know, I could end up meeting both of them one day….. Oh, and my overbearing mother found the site by accident but that’s another post entirely.

Last night was the February edition of the St. Louis Weblogger Meetup. Unfortunately there was no improvement in attendance since the January edition. I think this could be such a cool thing and I’m not sure why others don’t agree. I will never have the opportunity to have a live conversation with the authors of the majority of the blogs I read everyday because of geography but why shouldn’t local bloggers convene every once in a while? I’m beginning to think the answer is because they must like to hide behind the comfortable façade of their blogs. People join the meetup group, they RSVP yes and/or maybe, and then they don’t show up (You know who you are). You had to at least be intrigued by the idea from the beginning or else you wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of joining and RSVPing. Let’s face it; we’re all smarter, wittier, funnier, etc. when we have an unlimited amount of time to choose our words in prose than we are face to face but I still would have liked to have the opportunity to find out.

I have a theory lately that having your own blog is a bit like having your own show. Some shows are comedies, some are dramas, some are political commentaries, some are reality shows, and some are at all ends of the spectrum. You control the content of your show, you check your ratings, and you compare your show with the others. I, for one, am just a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see what’s behind some of the “shows” I frequent.

I did have a very nice time last night though regardless of the lame no shows. The conversation was good and so was the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Its funny how you make choices in your life, you socialize with different people at different times in your life, you educate yourself, you try different career paths, you move in different directions than you ever thought you would, you travel, you put yourself out there, you get burned, you retreat, whatever….. All of the sudden you’re an adult even though you don’t feel like one and, oddly enough, you’re sitting across the table from someone you knew earlier in your life but didn’t know very well at all and what led you there doesn’t even have anything to do with where you knew the person from. I guess you never know where the next path will lead or where dropping the façade or revealing who is behind the “show” will take you which is why it’s really important to force yourself to do it sometimes.