Thursday, February 03, 2005

Those Poor Kids

Dear Dairy Queen Customer Relations,

I just saw the most disturbing television commercial. Two animated shrimp are in the bottom of the ocean. The male shrimp asks the female shrimp if she’d like some popcorn. Both shrimp partake. One says this isn’t popcorn; it’s popcorn shrimp. The other says I thought it tasted familiar. The shrimp look at each other and say wait a minute, where are the kids? Thus implying that they possibly just ate their children in the new popcorn shrimp basket at Dairy Queen.

May I say that this is sooooo wrong on so many levels. Who eats anything at Dairy Queen besides ice cream much less shrimp? Why did someone, or even a team of people, make the decision that cannibalistic shrimp would be a good way to push a new menu item? Please don’t feature cows eating hamburgers in your next campaign. Maybe it’s best to stick to Blizzards next time? Who doesn’t like candy with their ice cream?


Blogger Havril said...

My thoughts exactly.

Next thing, they'll show a couple of people nibbling on chicken strips, cackling maniacally.

"Uh oh, I guess little Johnny will never play the violin... Nwaa haaa haaa haaa!"

10:07 PM  

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