Monday, December 06, 2004


I have a deadline at work looming. Normally I wouldn’t sweat this but I feel I need to prove myself a little right now so that I can get the promotion I’ve been working towards. I’m eagerly awaiting my extra time off that I’m taking around New Year’s. I really feel a need to take this time and reevaluate my priorities. (Not like this is something new though)

This afternoon is my yearly check-up. I dread going to the doctor.

Eleven days until the beginning of my cousin’s wedding weekend. Like the holidays is not a busy enough time of year on its own, now we need to add a wedding to it. Wanna hear the best part? I went to my 5th (seriously not exaggerating it was the 5th time) bridesmaid’s dress fitting on Saturday and the tailors have completely fucked up (for lack of a better description) the dress. The entire left side was 3”-4” lower than the right side. It looks like I’m wearing two completely different dresses on either side of my body. I had a mini tantrum in the bridal shop. Then I calmed myself down and said “Look, I really don’t have preference for the right side of the dress or the left side of the dress but I’m going to have to insist that both sides look the same. Whichever side is easier for you to attain on the other is fine with me. Just please, please, pleeeeeease make them match each other.” I think that drove my point home. I’m going back Thursday and if it’s not fixed would it be terribly wrong to refuse to wear it? There’s no way they’re going to be able to get another one a week before the wedding. I mean let’s face it, it’s not supposed to be my day anyway but why does it have to be such complete and utter torture? The only bright spot here is that, if I do end up wearing the dress, at least it’s black instead of one of those frilly sea foam green numbers like you see in the MasterCard commercial.

Why is Hanukkah so early this year? I’m totally not prepared. I think I’m postponing all gift exchanging until Christmas. I hate to do it but isn’t it better to take my time and put thought into gifts than just get something quickly because I don’t have time?

Does anyone else have holiday cheer they want to spread?


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