Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Instead of listing what I’m thankful for, which is a lot, I just wanted to leave my readers (aka the 2 people who may or may not be reading this) with something to think about. I’m a huge fan of Harry Chapin and in his music, poetry, and spoken word lies profound wisdom. This is Track #9 from Disc 1 of the Gold Medal Collection:

"Remember in school how at Thanksgiving we would be asked to bring in cans of food, etc. for hungry people? Just imagine if one year a teacher had the guts to say `Children, it was the most single wonderful outpouring of generosity this school has ever seen. More cans of food than ever before, feeding hundreds of families, were donated. We only have one problem, and we are going to deal with it this coming week. We're going to cancel our regular classes and we are going to talk about what are those people going to eat next week?"

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


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It's easy to install a hit counter on your blog it'll give you insight on your readers it will let you know how many people read it and what they seem to like.


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