Friday, February 18, 2005

Waiting for the bell to ring

It’s Friday and everything should be smooth sailing but instead I’m having the day from Hell at work. I had one meeting this morning where one guy attempted to teach 7 people how to use the company’s new handheld PDA system. You’ve never seen confusion until you’ve seen 5 grown men over the age of 50 trying to grasp this concept. Why would grown men turn into babbling third graders when forced to, dare I say it, learn something new. It’s just not that difficult guys… I think they’d rather have been given a ballpoint pen and an order form with carbon paper. Now I’m sitting here trying to design a label for pink shower gel that smells horrible, of all things, and I can’t make myself focus. I should have it finished by Monday but it’s not looking like its going to happen. I’m dying to cut out of here early but I have another meeting this afternoon to discuss “strategy” for our upcoming sales trip. Who has a meeting on a Friday afternoon? Me, I do! I feel like I’m in a really boring science class in junior high and my eyes are intently focused on the minute and second hand of the clock waiting for the bell to ring. If the meeting runs past 5 I’m not sure that I’ll be able to hang on…