Friday, April 15, 2005

Simple Pleasures

Friday is jeans day at work. Jeans day is my favorite day. Soon it won’t really matter though and everyday will be jeans day because I quit my job this morning. I have some flexibility though and I, quite generously I may add, offered to stay up to four weeks so there won’t be any immediate changes. I’ll give you more on that at a later date.

This weather is amazing. It’s so rare that we actually see spring-like, or even fall-like, weather in St. Louis that I feel it’s mandatory to take advantage of it. That humidity is coming people so don’t get too used to opening those windows. You’ll need the A/C on any second. I got a pedicure and the flip-flops and slides are coming out this weekend. It’s time. I ♥ summer shoes.

I’m very sad that last night was the season finale of PoweR Girls on MTV. Will they be coming back or was this it? Does anyone else love this show? I can’t take my eyes off it. It’s such a train wreck and those girls are so stupid yet so entertaining. I’ve heard comments about how Lizzie is such an idiot. Wake up people. She took her little PR firm and jobs that she was doing anyway and leveraged it into an MTV series. That’s brilliant except that then her clients got to see what went on behind the scenes of their events. The big question in my mind is do these girls really want to be in public relations or was this just their vehicle for celebrity status albeit C list celebrity status? Only time will tell. I know I’m too old to be watching that crap on MTV but I don’t care. Plus if you figure that I watch it on Tivo and MTV is nearly 50% commercials anyway it’s only about 15 minutes a week out of my life. So just let me indulge and get over it.

That’s all I’ve got today. Have a nice weekend. Shabbat Shalom and a very early Shavua Tov to my growing number of religious readers because I probably won’t post over the weekend.