Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Vegas, baby. Vegas.

I bet you thought I deserted my blog? I’ve been in Vegas for the last six days and can’t possibly express how ecstatic I am to be back at home. Six days in Vegas is like a month somewhere else. I spent the majority of my time working my ass off and getting over the cold that I’ve had for the last eleven days but I found a little time to squeeze in some fun for myself.

My daily routine pretty much went like this: wake up and eat breakfast with my coworkers, spend nine hours each day at trade show, and then spend the night walking around trying to cram as much in as I possibly could. I spent a lot of time at Caesars Palace and the Venetian because of the good shopping. This was my fourth visit to sin city so I pretty much feel like I’ve done it all at this point. I’ve decided to tap into my infinite wisdom and put together a Las Vegas survival guide for those who care:

1. Wear comfortable shoes at all times because no matter where you go or what you do it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll walk your ass off.
2. If you want to know what time it is wear a watch because that’s the only way you’re ever going to find out. It’s a conspiracy. No one wants you to know.
3. Don’t accept the fine literature from the people on the street handing it out.
4. Don’t get lured into the less desirable hotels promising free buffets and show tickets. If they were worth going to they wouldn’t be free.
5. Yes, the hotel knows that those women in the casino after midnight are prostitutes. No, you aren’t the first guest to come to that realization.
6. Drink lots of water. Not only does it help prevent hangovers but you are in the desert, which really dries you out, and you need to be properly hydrated.
7. This sounds cliché but it’s true, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
8. Resist the temptation of the giant Wheel of Fortune type slot machine in the middle of the casino. You will never win.
9. Is it so important to gamble at the airport in Vegas? Have you ever heard anyone say I hit the jackpot at the airport? No, you haven’t.
10. Midnights-to-six during the middle of the week is in fact the skank shift.

Between being sick and going out of town I feel like I haven’t done anything or seen anyone in months. I’m still a little congested but call me. I’m up for relaxing, low key outings this weekend.