Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm doing Runway now

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Of course I'm just kidding. I got this dress in the mail yesterday. It’s the bridesmaid’s dress for my friend’s wedding in New York. My dress is dark purple though. Actually it’s “fig.” I will be wearing a fig strapless bobbinette Vera Wang dress down the aisle. If you know me outside of this blog you know this isn’t me. I’m not the flawless, slim Vera Wang model with shiny hair. I’m the zaftig Jewish girl with big hair who will be praying she doesn’t trip over the fig strapless bobbinette Vera Wang dress as she saunters ever so slowly and carefully down the aisle at Chelsea Piers and tries to stay awake at the after party at The Soho Grand. This all seems so cosmopolitan and chic to me, the girl who occasionally spends the weekend feeding the family catfish ponds in Gasconade County. I bet not many JAPs who grew up in West County can say that, can they? These are the subtle little differences that make me who I am… But I digress…

What’s the one thing I find enticing about getting this dress in the mail yesterday? That’s right! I have to buy a new pair of shoes to go with it. We all know how some shoe shopping can instantly put a smile on a girl’s face. And so it is… I decided to go to St. Louis Mills. I had been there right when it opened a year and half ago and thought I’d give it another chance because I assumed I’d find something different and it’s very close to where I work. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s so disheartening to see this beautiful development in the middle of nowhere (a.k.a. Hazelwood) filled with a few of the usual mall stores for little girls, sketchy mom and pop outfits that look like they’ll be history as soon as their free rent incentive period ends, and so many chain restaurants they needed to start building them on the outparcels to accommodate them all. Half the spaces still seem empty and there’s a minimal amount of people walking around. It looks like a house of cards and one tiny little breeze could take it down at any moment. Needless to say I did not find shoes worthy of the Vera Wang dress there so I got out of there and hit The Galleria on my way home. I got a lovely pair of bronze strappy high heels that look great with the “fig.” Metallics are big this season.