Monday, April 18, 2005

The Weekend After Tax Day

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No decisions made on the job front as of yet. I've charted out the pros and cons and compiled a list of questions for each party involved. My new favorite phrase is, "I have another offer on the table."

I had a great weekend though. Between Friday evening and Monday morning I did not touch a computer, check my email, or even leave my cell phone turned on. I didn't start out with that intention but by Saturday afternoon I realized that I hadn't done any of those things and decided to keep it up throughout the remainder of the weekend. I'm all about technology but I do think that sometimes it can be both a time waster and a crutch. It amazes me how I'll sit down to check my email and when I look up from the screen two hours has flown by. I'm trying to be proactive and control it. I can't sit by and let it control me. At least not while the weather is this nice.

All this extra time I had over the weekend was well spent on taking a walk in Forest Park with my step brother Isaac, getting drunk, trying that new pizza place in Kirkwood, and exploring some Southern Missouri locales. Isn't Isaac one of the cutest dogs you've ever seen? Look at that face. He's a French bulldog and I know that's the dumbest picture you've ever seen but he's cool despite having posed for that picture. My father's fiancé never had children and obviously she overcompensates with her pets.

Today I took a long lunch and had the Chirashi lunch at Tachibana. Just because it's Monday doesn't mean I can't get out and appreciate the weather and have some sushi, right?