Monday, May 23, 2005

Good Things

1. Wonka Mix-Ups. This is the greatest candy ever. There are Nerds, Tart ‘N Tinys, and Runts in the same bag. If you have a penchant for the sugary candies as I do you really need to pick up a bag. Are you asking what happened to my low carb diet? Shut up...

2. I got my hair straightened last week. The humidity in St. Louis is back with a vengeance and so was my jewfro. Thankfully order has been restored and I now have control of my hair once again.

3. The swimming pool is open and I went on Saturday and I love it. Swimming is my favorite exercise and I desperately needed some sun. I wish it could be open all year long.

4. I was feeling bad that I hadn’t been updating my blog as often but then I started attempting to catch up with reading some of the blogs on my sidebar and noticed that a lot of people aren’t updating as regularly. It must be the weather or something. It’s too nice to sit in front of a computer! Go outside.

5. My final good thing. I don’t have to spend every single day sitting in an office in front of a computer screen surrounded by office busy bodies. It really makes a difference on my entire outlook on life.

Turn off your computer and go outside!