Friday, May 06, 2005


It has been a crazy, crazy week. Can I just tell you again this week has been crazy? I discovered last weekend in the country that one of my fathers’ employees out there had been embezzling through the company Paypal account. Can I give you some advice? If you’re going to be dishonest don’t leave a paper trail that’s quite so obvious. I can’t tell you how much of my time has been taken up this week dealing with this situation. On the upside I’m finished at my current employer in under an hour. It’s going to be a very nice weekend. Buh-Bye to the world of cubicles. Buh-Bye Dilbert strip. Buh-Bye female office busy bodies. Buh-Bye Sweet ‘N Low police. Yes, it was I who left my empty Sweet ‘N Low packets on the counter one last time today and had an extra cup of tea just so I could leave an extra packet on the counter in the kitchen. Buh-Bye.