Monday, May 02, 2005


4/30/05 Sundown-01
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I’m attempting a little bit of artful photography here. You don’t have to leave me a comment telling me I’m not a photographer. I already know this. I took these photos on Saturday evening about an hour before the sunset. It was a beautiful time of day. The air was cool and crisp and there was a light breeze. When I was in high school my parents used to have to force me to go with the family to the farm on weekends or I would just stay home. In the last couple of years I’ve learned to appreciate it in my own way. It’s obviously a beautiful place even though my photography doesn’t do it justice. It’s close enough to home that it’s not a hassle to get to but far enough away so that I feel as if I’ve been somewhere else. No internet access on the property. My cell phone doesn’t have a single bar lit up when I’m there. I will admit to a bit of indulgence in DirecTV. There are no chain restaurants. The supermarket doesn’t carry anything fancy. It’s a different world but one I welcome now. I put my ipod on and hike or ride around the acreage on that vehicle. It’s where I go to clear my head.

After four days there this weekend my head is clear. I’m ready to get through this week and hopefully move on to the next phase of my life. I’m confident that I’ve made the right choices and that they’ll take me where I need to go. I look forward to Friday’s sunset on this phase and welcome Saturday morning.

4/30/05 Sundown-02
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4/30/05 Sundown-03
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