Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Unexpected

I behaved so well. I was enthusiastic. I didn’t complain. I smiled the entire time. I sat still for the manicure and pedicure while wearing a pink and green Lily Pulitzer outfit. I got ready for the rehearsal dinner with the other bridesmaids. I was perfectly coordinated. I wore turquoise. Saturday was a marathon. The schedule was tight. We raced to our hair appointments. I had to weave through the gay pride festivities in Chelsea to get to Pier 60 in time. I made it. My hair was perfectly straight. The Vera Wang Dress was stunning. I did not trip while wearing my bronze strappy heels. By the time I showed up at the Soho Grand for the after party I was ready to call it a night. As it turned out I was glad I didn’t. The Pinot Grigio haze I was in prevented me from walking away too soon. I had forgotten what it felt like to be flirted with. When I did finally leave I mentally recounted the events of the evening and came to the conclusion I was reading much more into it than there actually was. The Sunday brunch was very intimate.
The sun was shining and the tables had bright yellow umbrellas. It was a nice end to a nice weekend. There he was in a crisp blue Polo shirt and khaki pants. He sat next to me and made small talk. Then he asked me out. I had to say that I was flattered and that I absolutely would have said yes had I lived in New York (or even the tri-state area) and had I not been scheduled to leave in three hours. He cancelled the car that was supposed to take me to LaGuardia and drove me himself. It was a nice touch.